Sanctus, Embodiment of Light (Champion Concept)

Sanctus, Embodiment of Light Role: Mage/Support Passive (Holy Gift): The lower health Sanctus has, the more Mana Regeneration he has. Q (Slam of Light): Sanctus creates a big light hammer that he 1 second after slams down in a chosen direction. Enemies hit by the handle take damage. Enemies hit by the end take damage and are stunned for 2 seconds. (Mana: 75/85/95/105/105) W (Blessed Circle): Sanctus creates an area for 5 seconds that heals over time and slows enemies. (Mana: 50/65/75/90/105) E (Holy Wall): Sanctus summons a Holy Wall that moves forward slowly for 6 seconds. The wall deals damage over time to enemies and heals allies. (Mana: 70/80/90/100/115) R (Assault of the Light): Sanctus deals damage to all enemies in a circle around him and gains 50% Attack Speed, extra Magic Damage to spells and basic attacks and increases the effectiveness of heals by 45% for 8 seconds. (Mana: 100/115/120/130/150) Lore: When Runeterra was born there was a god called Salutem that reigned over the light and sun. Time after the gods had created Runeterra, dark monsters began to crawl up from the dephts of the world. The gods decided that they had to send down one of the gods to cleanse the world of all darkness. Salutem was sent down but the darkness soon overwhelmed him. While life was being sapped out of his body a spirit arose from his dead body. The spirit flew up to the universe where he told the gods what had happened to Salutem. The gods called the spirit Sanctus and gave him armor and the powers to call out the holy light. He would tread in Salutem's footsteps. So Sanctus went down to the earth and was almost close to vanishing the same way as Salutem but then he unleashed all of his holy powers to cleanse all evil. When he was done a monsterous sorceror had already put a barrier around the earth enabling Sanctum to fly up to the gods so he traveled for years until he found the League of Legends where he could show what powers the light gave to his allies and the smashing force of holyness to his enemies. "I have cleansed the world, now you will become "cleansed"!" - Sanctus, Embodiement of Light -

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