Guys i have bat shit crazy landloard!

Guys i have made a huge mistake! I live in a house with a crazy landloard! He is making me feel freeking bad and i cant get away coz i need to stay here 2 years. My dumb ass! Oh god! Why didnt i see that when i moved in! Like today he was screaming at me because i leave my windows open. He screamd that im gonna get a fungus in here and if i do i will go to jail and i will pay for everything and that im crazy! Yeas he literally screamed at me that im crazy and he shut the door in front of my face! I said i will keep them open and if he is not happy he can stop the 2 year contract and he can find new people who can live in this place! The worst thing is that he lives in my damm house! God why do i always get in these situations! Why cant i live peacefully so nobady bothers me! Why do i always have to fight with people like that! Why they just cant leave me in peace! Im sorry for this rant i just had to get it out and tell someone!
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