Riot's banning system

I have seen many trolls and inters that told me in chat they did not want me to win the game and players so toxic they started flaming even before the game started. Well, I reported them of course and not a single one got suspended or banned. And yesterday I got a 14 day suspension due to a game where I went 1/11 because my support went afk for 5 minutes and in that time I got perma camped by a Morgana which stood in the bush all the game and rooted me and a Lucian. And for that reason I got banned?! Because my midlaner most likely reported me for unsportsmenship? Surely getting autofilled a lane that you hate most to play, having your support afk for a while, and getting perma camped by a Morgana is a good reason to ban someone Please unban me for God's sake! This is beyond unfair! I don't wanna start from honor lvl 0 again!
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