So I am fed up with these graphics card prices like £529.00 FOR 1 GTX 1080.... As of 1st of May 2018. Why??? The bitcoin craze right now.. I have also estimated by calculation through CURRENT Data when Bitcoin will hit its "limit" (21 Million (MAX that can be mined)) in terms of current global hash rate. 21 Million is the Maximum "Supply Limit". So Calculations.... Currently there is 17,008,000 Bitcoins in circulation as of 1 MAY 2018 and that is increasing day by day while the rate of increase is also slowing down (Getting Harder to Mine it as time goes on). Now we can calculate the amount available left to "Mine" in global block chain which is 3.992 Million. NOTE: The difficulty to mine bitcoin INCREASES every second. Calculation at Current Difficulty Factor : 4.02205919616e+12 GLOBAL Hash Rate: 31000000.0 TH/s (Stabilizing "Slowly") Current Supply- 17,008,000 MAX Supply- 21,000,000 BitCoins Left to Mine = 3,992,000 COINS that can be mined THIS MONTH (1/MAY/2018) = 58990 BitCoin. (WHICH DECREASES EVERY MONTH) I.E. NEXT MONTH (1/JUNE/2018) COINS THAT CAN BE MINED WILL BE = 54405 BitCoin. If we use the current value (May 2018) with the CURRENT Monthly Mine able Coins. We can calculate when it will run out (NOT accounting for the CONTINUES INCREASING difficulty factor). Calculation: 3,992,000 Coins Available / 54405 Coins Mined Per Month = 73 Months (6 Years) at Current Rate till ALL MINE-ABLE BITCOIN IS EXHAUSTED. The above calculation meaning THE MAX LIMIT OF BITCOIN THAT CAN BE IN CIRCULATION will be reached by 6 years. (NOT ACCOUNTING FOR ABOVE MONTHLY DEPRECIATION) I hope this Helps for people when the "Miners" Will stop mining. Only if no other cryto currency becomes the next "Big Thing". {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} The above meaning Graphics Card Prices coming down by then or before that time. Just so you know I am not a miner :) I hate them :) PLEASE tell me what you think of my calculations REFRENCES: NOTE: Prices of graphic Cards WILL fall earlier before BitCoin reaches it's "Limit" = MORE GRAPHICS CARDS ON MARKET (RESALE VALUE!!)) WOOOOO@@@@@@@@@{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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