can we talk about the buggy highlights and replays?

after years of this beeing out, it still has the day 1 bugs ---highlights randomly change even with set quality their quality ---they dont have sounds in 90% of the time, i have tried everything, from client restart replay redownload to pc wipe, NOTHING fixs this and all ym friends have this aswell ---they wont display damages sometimes for no aparent reason whatsoever ----sometimes the thing laggs out like crazy sttuff liek this is known for YEARS and riot just wont fix this but they promised, for that jsut google the problems you find it from over 2 years ago i am sick and tired that this wont get fixed and there is NO excuse whatsoever, riot is a lazy ass company that deserves to get called out for this shit srsly i try desperatly to get some highlights but its rly killing my nerves HARD trying to get a single highlight WITH FRIENDS for over 1 hour should not be a thing thats happening and this happened to me so much, if you report this nothing happens riot jsut ignores it, and its again a known fking bug

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