Today is yet Another Day.

Today, i carried my ADC to gold. i had found him just recently and we get along well. I just might be willing to jump down to the pits of Elo Hell to support him to Platinum... I've won 3/10 of my provisional games so far, and if it all goes well, i might win atleast 7 maybe even 8 if im lucky... i've taken the advice from others in my last post on the forums. Thanks guys. Ardent is actually a good item now that i think about it... I've stopped buying RoA because of my ADC. Still having trouble fitting Vision ward in there... I can trust him to keep me alive, and he trusts me to keep him alive. Thanks for the advice in the last post guys. It really did help. I've also stopped taking Second Wind and started taking Revitalize instead. With an ADC i trust, i dont need any regen or survivability. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} But the {{item:3027}} {{champion:16}} will always live on in my heart... {{item:3070}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{item:3070}} Now, here's a secret some of you might not know... with {{item:3174}} and lots of other items, you can reach a DISGUSTING amount of healing... so far my highest heal is up to 500+ the legends even speak of 700+ healing... {{sticker:sg-jinx}} But, ofcourse, thats from my experience from playing Soraka with Athenes. But im sure you can reach an even more disgusting amount of healing with {{item:3174}} and other support champions~ good luck out there!

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