Permabanned for being a childish chimp

I've been playing this game since season 3 kicked in. I was just a normal player motivated by the competitive atmosphere this game provides, climbing up from bronze, to silver the next season, then plat, and for the last 2 ive been around high dia/low master. It sucks that, as long as u put hours on this game, you get frustrated by people underperforming, triggering you, having yourself bad games and getting shitalked... this is all stuff solo queu player know about. I've been a complete idiot by flaming myself ppl. I had a 2 weeks ban a month ago, with the inchat toxicity coming from a single game (you know, one of those) in which I just lost my mind about someone triggering me during all the game. The second time, it was permanent, also from a single match i played in which I again was toxic to my teammates. Both bans have in common using the '%%%' phrase, which I used a couple of times on each of those games. All i want to say with this message is that I really dont mean getting people to kill themselves, it is just anger that comes from the frustration of that moment which, unfortunately, it gets the worst of us sometimes. So I want to say sorry if I ever offended someone irl myself, it never came from heart, just from the heat of the moment. For the ones who read this, if you value your account, and u are involved in one of those anger moments, its always better to shut up and dont type, just go next, be friendly, and ignore ppl who try to trigger you, as I have lost an account in which ive spent about 1000€ on for the last 5 years, playing every day on and showing progress in. Dont be an idiot, you laugh at being banned until you get the punishment yourself and regret talking all that bs to random ppl online, just dont be a %%%% :) Thanks for reading
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