My Stolen Pages

After sending a tickets was definite from support as "a problem that they can't help me about" and the recommend was to make a post here so here I am! I don't need monkey spam from random people - that's why I sent ticket - I want answers from RIOT's stuff/team who are responsible for the uncomfortable experience I have as LoL player! A few days ago I had 22 free pages that I was free to use them however I found for appropriate and useful to me. I had the freedom to set up the bonuses my champ is going to use during the game like mastaries and runes before the Pick Phase where I had just to pick the correct Rune/mastery pages for them. Now RIOT took that my freedom giving me 2 pages instead of my 22 pages pretending that they better know what is good for me as player!? I am very well aware of what is best for me as person and player and I know very well the definition for "stealing" and this is what RIOT did here! I don't want your sweet talks and pretends that 1 rune page is all I need at the moment with this new Runes. Give me back my pages so I can decide by myself what is the best for me - I don't need RIOT to decide that for me neither I was asking RIOT to do so! I have no intention to give away 7800 RP or 113 400 BE for something that is supposed to be free - a few days ago I never imagined that RIOT can be so greedy and arrogant, wanting from me to pay tons of RP or BE for something that I had and must have for free! I have nothing against paying for skin, battle passes and so on - I did that before and I don't mind to do so in future! But when you take something from me and then you want be to pay for it -- that is something too disgusting to just stay calm about it and wait until everything is forgotten! So I want to know - when I am going to have back my 20 pages that RIOT took from me? If you have no intention of give me back what I must have for free, then have the balls to tell be that you don't care about me as a player and you just want me to not ruin my nerves with a thief company like RIOT for future - I am expecting from you to at least take response for your actions this way!
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