[ARURF] personal review

So its this time again Snowdown is back and well there are threads with alot of opinions on this snowdown urf but well it doesnt change the fact that something has to be added or be changed what i think made this urf decent not bad but not extreme good was the winter themed champion pool with winter skins ( kassa,shen bard etc. ) yeah for sure it becomes pretty borring to play against op picks like fizz mao etc but thats not the point what i think does really miss is a list you can possibly play as in arurf if it's based on a theme like the current one Snowdown Winter X-mas. the champion pool could be a problem aswell i mean i diddent saw any sejuani in urf i dont even know if she is concluded now but i would be gratefull to see what kind of champion i could play in a themed arurf What extremly annoying is just the players who just cant enjoy an Funmode i encounterd more Toxic ppl on urf than this whole year i had in ranked Just because you had an annoying champion Like Fizz its its still no reason to be toxic in an Funmode i do agree that the Original URF (bann and pick) cant be balanced in an bigger and wider champion pool but i would enjoy if there isnt only Snowdown ARURF and the ARURF i would like to see more arurf but diffrent themed champion lcs arurf for example The diffrent team skins bundels like 2016 SKT (zac azir etc ) vs 2014 fnatic ( janna gragras ) This all together in short Bad toxic ppl in urf the size of the champion pool The unknown champion pool good The x-mas winter theme more players to report improving player expierence little in funmodes Poroking was way better

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