2 ward stacks for free before level 9 in season 6 (what the hell!?)

I didn't notice this till i was level 5 with fizz mid, I was shocked that at such an early time in game I can place 2 wards that regenerate over time -_- I was able to prevent ganks also easily suprise the unfed players I kept on ganking constantly throughout the game. This is a bit overpowered which can lead players like me to winning too much, I know how much damage my skills will do against most champions by understanding their skill sets and their hp by counting the green blocks so i can easily assassinate the jungler who doesn't realise I placed a few free wards in his jungle so early. There is a reason why this ward upgrade was only available at level 9 with the cost of 250 so carries can save money on buying too many wards that will get taken down by the enemy support and still buy them but get them regenerated over time. {{item:3361}} {{item:3362}} these upgrades just cost 250g at level 9. You can get 2 stack wards and be able to place 3 down for 3 minutes for just a cheap 250g {{item:3361}} As for this one you get a generated pink ward for free by paying 250g {{item:3362}} {{item:2044}} Deleted from the game because well everyone can place 2 wards down now for free but we can still buy {{item:2043}} for a reduced price of 75g now. Now i know some of you are thinking "Oh god stfu, stop complaining" but this is a problem that players will exploit to keep on shutting out junglers or other roaming enemies. I should blame the noobs that keep saying that wards are ment for supports only because everyone else in the team doesn't upgrade their trinkets for a cheap 250g, because of these people we now all get to place 2 free wards early in the game before level 9 and possibly get the advantage to take down enemy players faster than they can say "WTF".
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