Red Panda's legendary adventure - Part 2

The last time we met with red panda she had been fighting fiercely with the tower of death and had now bought a sword to help her arrows hit harder. ____________________________________________________ The red panda strapped her newly bought sword to help her belt and wandered off back down the same path yet again. She drew her bow and gave a shot at the funny little creatures one again. To her surprise she found that her arrows actually hit harder. So she continued trying to get gold from the small creatures as her opponent the red haired lady with too little fur once more came back to her path. With her newly found more damage she drew her bow and started attacking but found herself to be dying more than the enemy she was facing. Panicked she threw everything she had at her enemy! But nothing hit. Once again she spawned at the same spot she had been standing so many times before.she looked at the shop and found some nice looking boots so she got those before wandering out once more. But this time she walked straight forward as she was bored of her adventures down the right path. She passed the two towers and met up with the cat with the spear. Let's take down that tower alright? - the cat lady said. But as red panda looked upon the might tower fear struck her heart so she walked off to the side back to where she was originally told to go. Walking down there she had water up almost to her knees when she noticed an opening in the wall further down. Eager to investigate Red panda ran over there only to discover a huge dragon roaring at her. Smirking and knowing her newly found damage from the sword hanging at her belt red panda drew her bow and fired her huge arrow at the dragon but it.... flew right past it? Oh, oh well. She wouldn't let her miss throw her off so she continued to fire normal arrows at the beast until it brutally murdered her and she found herself back by the shop. The red panda now enraged from nothing making sense decided to look intensely at the shop for what she'd buy other than these useless knives but.... to her confusion her teammates walked over to her as if nothing had happened and told her they'd finished she could now go rest until next time. ________________________________________________________ Hi guys! I'm experimenting with how long this should be So please tell me when you get the feeling it's good. Also stories from when you were new would be amazingly helpfull to maybe remind me of all the stupid things I did back then. Cheers!
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