Do some players just want their teammates to fail?

Just played a game as lux sup. It went badly. My ADC was ok until he facechecked the wrong bush at lvl 1 and had to flash + heal to get out (actually he didn't need to blow heal too but he was being cautious) which I guess made him salty. Following this, every single time I moved I would get a billion ? pings. ADC just sat very far back the entire game hardly even farming. I landed a Q on the enemy adc one time resulting in a failed all-in and more toxicity towards me (I didnt' engage the all in, I was just trying to harass but wanted to followup my ADC since he went for it). If I was out of position I would get ? pinged and left for dead, no peeling for me. If ADC got caught out I'd always get the blame. Jungle joined in too. I ended something like 1/7 and adc 0/6, jungle 0/3 I think but consensus was I was entirely to blame. There was this feeling the ADC was doing more to bait me into failing instead of himself actually trying to win, it was really strange. There was even a time I ran towards my ADC and jgl when the enemy Galio was chasing me and they both ignored Galio while they took red buff (and I walked into the bush by the red buff). All I got was ? ping and "useless lux" instead of my teammates turning around for a 3v1.
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