For how much money Riot makes, why is their system so slow?

Considering there doesn't seem to be a feedback boards as such, I have to write here. I'll get straight to the point. As I said in the title, how can a system (I'm primarily talking about a client here) be so slow? In the client there are sometimes problems when loading tabs, the main culprit being the 'Loot' tab. Sometimes I have to click out and click back in just to get things to show up, otherwise it is just a blank screen. Logging in to the client, fine. Swapping between tabs, fine (apart from what is mentioned above). However, when getting in and out of a game, the way that it can freeze your system (example: when you finish a game it can sometimes not load the client immediately. Until the client loads you can do absolutely nothing, granted this is only a few seconds but still, software hogging your entire system is very inefficient). There are a few things to do with getting out of games like that but that is the main one. Loading into a game? Honest question, how many times have you had everyone in the loading screen at 100% yet still had to wait one or two minutes to start the game? It's better than what it was about two seasons ago but is still ridiculous sometimes. I'll admit this is a bit of a rant because some other things have annoyed me today, this is just the icing on the cake
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