A honorable mention to all supports!

Supports. Who are they? They are the one dying every time to save their adc. The one's that do their best to help their team and their adc, the ones that would give everything to give you the kill. Supports are the only ones that do their best, in order to hear one "thanks". A good support wins the lane, a good support knows how to communicate with the team, cuz moral support it's important too, they do pretty much everything, while the adc concentrates all game on farming, and last hitting the kills. Blitz - * Flash, Pull, E, Ult, exchaust, speed boosting the adc * Vayne - * basic atk * Teammate 1: Good job, Vayne! Teammate 2: Nice, Vayne! Enemy team: That Vayne .. Blitz be like: Q.Q Another example: 20th minute. 3 wards placed, 1 pink. ' A retarded teammate goes at enemy jungle camp, gets caught and dies " Teammate: Omg useless support buy wards ffs .. Support: Dude I can't put more than 3 wards in the map ... Teammate: Then ward properly .. Support: How do you expect me to ward their opposite jungle camp, and leave my adc? Teammate: Muted and reported. 3rd example: Vayne - 300 cps Blitz - 0 cps ( creepy ult passive minion steal ) Vayne: Stop farm blitz !!! Blitz: Dude it's my passive and I got 1 minion chill wtff Vayne all chat: Report blitz farming and flaming Final thoughts - A minute silence to honor all supports, you are a brave people!

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