Vir'nes the Bladesman Infiltrator (Concept)

Vir'nes the Bladesman Infiltrator Allegiance: Noxus Source of Power: Vir'nes uses Fury for his abilities instead of Mana. He regains 5 Fury per second and his auto attacks restore 3 Fury. Role: Assasin/Fighter (AD) Lore: Vir'nes is a spy from Noxus that slices through enemies with his dark katana. One day, Noxus heard that the citizens of Demacia were planning to assault Noxus in an attempt to get more freedom in that area of Runeterra. As suspected, Noxus had to withstand what was coming so they hired a travelling infiltrator to break through the Demacian lines and destroy their soldiers without the Demacians even knowing what had struck them. They sent the travelling infiltrator called Vir'nes to Demacia where he disguised himself as a slave from Noxus. The demacians immediantly took care of the poor man and let him into the capital of Demacia. His temporary home was an inn where only few people came so he was free to make battle plans without anyone getting suspicious. He decided that the sources of the soldiers armor and weapons come from the smithes so Vir'nes went over to every smith, placed a sticky bomb on the oven and then he ran over to the inn again. Everybody was confused about the explosions so Vir'nes took this as an oppurtunity to strike. While everybody was walking around looking for the spy that has blown up the smiths, little did they know that Vir'nes would be waiting around the next dark corner to ambush all soldiers. Over time, people started to figure out who the hidden spy was and they kicked him out but Vir'nes had fooled the plan and saved Noxus from falling to ash. Today he is a High Infiltrator among noxian citizens and he discusses battle plans with other great tacticians like Swain and Darius. "Look over look back! Your body is gone!" - Vir'nes the Bladesman Infiltrator Abilties: Passive (Mark of the Blade): Everytime Vir'nes uses an auto-attack he gains a Mark of the Blade. When Vir'nes reachees 5 marks, he starts to glow red causing his next ability within 6 seconds to be empowered. Q (Unseen Slice): Vir'nes becomes invisible for 2.5 seconds, when this time limit ends, he deals damage and slows all enemies in a short radius around himself. If empowered by Mark of the Blade, he stuns enemies hit instead and the radius is wider. (9 Second Cooldown) W (Rapid Slashes): Vir'nes slashes all enemies in a cone in front of him, dealing damage and restoring Vir'nes some health based on how many enemies he hit. If empowered by Mark of the Blade, Vir'nes also gains 35% bonus Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 3 seconds. (8 Seconds) E (Bladedash): Vir'nes dashes forward dealing damage and then dealing extra physical damage in a small radius when he stops dashing. If empowered by Mark of the Blade Vir'nes can dash twice in a row and he dashes a longer distance. (4 Second Cooldown) R (Infiltration): Vir'nes becomes invisible for 2 seconds, refreshes all of his cooldowns and gives himself Mark of the Blade immediately. Skins: Headhunter Vir'nes Demacian Vir'nes Remember this is something i wanted to have fun making in spare time because i enjoy creating all sorts of fanmade things for all of the games i play, if you good give feedback or ideas on the champion, that would be greatly appreciated :). Here are my other champions that i have made:

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