Getting through my placements...

So I only recently hit lvl 30 and since the seaaon is coming to an end i wanted to play out my placements and still have time to improve my ranking by the end. Now so far ive played 3/10 games and lost all 3 as mid laner wich was my main role up till now, and i was always able to carry normals in mid. But in ranked the game was instantly matching me with silvers and golds and i just couldnt do anything mid except feed and get flamed from my team for not knowing how to play in ranked. So i was thinking what is the best way to actually contribute to my team in these games and carry my weight or just hopefully give my team the best chance to carry and came up with an idea. From now on ill just play support in my placements and hopefully give my team a chance to carry me (and shorter queue). So is this a good idea, is this gonna get me through my promos?

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