Snowdown Tokens for blue Essence

Was looking at if it was worth it to save up the snowdown token shards for champion shards or just get the Blue Essence for it. Now I'm sitting here wondering what the hell the people who decided the values for these things are. For 75 Snowdown Tokens you can get 1 champion shard or 75 Blue Essence. The absolute minimum you are going to get from a champion shard is something like Garen which when destroyed gives 90 Blue essence. What is the point of being able to convert the tokens into blue essence when they are absolutely worthless? 11 out of the current 142 champions currently released give 90 Blue essence when their shard is destroyed, meaning the amount you will typically get from buying the champion shard is 3X or over 90 BE. To simply put, the price of the blue essence for Tokens is way too low. The price of the blue essence for 75 tokens should probably be just under the average amount of Blue Essence that people receive from champion shards to reflect that fact that if you buy a champion shard you are still gambling and have a chance to get a low cost champion shard or a high cost shard. Then obviously, divide that value by 75 to get the BE per token. Just want to put this suggestion out there because as I have shown, the current amount of BE you can get for 1 token compared to a champion shard is worthless.
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