Hex Tech Multi Craft

lol #league_of legends #leagueoflegends #sketch #riotgames I do not own any of the material used to create this Sketch. All Rights belongs to the Riot Games, Inc.
Hello Everyone, i just had an idea that i think many woud like to be implemented in the game. So the core idea is that i am easy annoyed by Little Things. For example the slow crafting process in the Lootsection. At the Moment its the winter Special, where we are able to collect Coins to craft cool stuff. I am Looking Forward to craft some Key Fragments with my over 100 collected Coins. One Fragment is 15 Coins. And now the Fun Begins. I am only able to craft one Fragment at once. So why not add a Little counter on how many Key Frags i want to craft? I created a Sketch on how it could look like. Let me know your opinion in the comments. Yours sincerly Madakin
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