Guys, a post that is encouraged to be read (riot zephyr and nightblue situation)

> [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=bfEqyUgE,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-06-21T22:03:01.101+0000) > > Riot Zephyr should be fine since the ban wasn't technically invalid as well. Like mentioned before it's a similar case than when the Support Singed got banned. However this times it's even more extreem since the player actually when support summoners as well. The only unofficial rule that he violated is this: > > Examples of this: > > * Taking cs that the nearby non-support will last hit as the support. > > So what the Teemo player violated was: > > * Against the midlaner > * Taking away the resource exp from a exp depended solo carry champion. > * Against the botlaner > * Taking away potentional resources > * Kills > * Zoned by cs > * Zoning enemy cs > * Dragon Priority > > This is however a really borderline reason since by supporting you actually provide him with potentional resources by taking away resources. This is however not the case for the Dragon Objective and the only resources where everyone loses out. > > It's funny since giving away Dragon Priority alone wasn't the case with the singed support. So the only shared reason was: > > So only the midlaner should be able to report what this Teemo did. Riot really going to have a field day if they are going to make potentional resources bannable as well. Every time they ban someone for this their reasoning becomes thinner & thinner by the second. > > & the worst part of this is that they can't do this for when he's going toplane since laneswamps exists. > > The only rule riot can figure out right now is that a shift of potentional resources need to be communicated. > > ---- > > #TL;DR RIOT updated unofficial rules > > * Taking away resources outside the boundries of your own respective role > * Shifting potentional resources outside the standards has to be communicated to your teammates > > The Teemo strat should by these rules still be allowed when informing the team first. But should be impossible to ban out this strat by a players that aren't effected by this. It's basicly an agrement between the support, mid & bottom to trade resources since that's what actually happends when aplying this strat.
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