Inconsistency in key fragment drop

24th March: Release of hextech crafting in EUNE and WEST servers 24-31th March: 4 chests and 12 keyfragments. Most of my games were premade of 2-3, and I played 10-20 games daily = 90ish games. 1-20th April: 0 chest and 0 keyfragments. Played solo all the time. 10-20 games daily = 350ish games. 21th April: 1 chest and 2 keyfragment. Played solo. 3 games. I was very frustrated of the droprate of keyfragments, and now I am just totally confused. The keyfragment droprate of the first week of hextech craftings release was pretty high and there was a consistency. You could expect 1-3 keys every 10 wins, more or less depending on your luck, how many you have gotten and the number of premades in your group. (drop chance is a curve where it drops everytime you get a keyfragment and it will reset every 30 days after you get your first keyfragment). From the 1th april to the 20th april I played A LOT. I was diamond 5 and skyrocketed to challenger(not trying to brag). 350ish games played with high winrate without A SINGLE keyfragment. I was superconfused and sendt many tickets to Riot saying this has to be a bug. The droprate was way too low compared to the last month(first week of release). (Keep in mind that I thought the reset would be from the 1th april, and not 24th april, which made me even more frustrated). Anyways, I accepted that I wouldn't get another keyfragment, and it became quite obvious to me that we wouldn't get more than 12 each month because of obvious reasons (4 chest - 12 keyfragment = 4 keys). So I basically gave up and waited to the 24th april for my reset. Today, the 21th april, I just got a chest AND a keyfragment in the same game. 2 games later I got another keyfragment. What the hell just happened? Could it be: 1. Riot lowered the difficulty of the drop chance. 2. There is a bug with hextech, making it impossible to get keyfragment. Getting a chest "fixed" the bug or triggered the drop of keyfragment. 3. I was extremely unlucky the 1-20 april. 4. I was extremely lucky the 21th april. 5. I didn't play in a premade team so my dropchance is shit the 1-20th april.(but it still doesn't explain how I got 2 keys in 3 games?) Have anyone experienced the same thing? Whatever your opinion might be, no one can change the fact that the consistency is shit. Not complaining about the difficulty, but the consistency. EDIT: There was a mistake on my calculations. Today(21. april) is the reset day, and not the 24th like I stated earlier. It is exactly 4 weeks from the 24th march. This is the reason why I got 2 keyfragments from winning 3 games. Conclusion? The drop rate falls so much that I basically couldn't get a single keyfragment in 350 games played. You only get 12 keyfragment every 4 weeks. If anyone has gotten more than 12 please let me know.
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