italian forum (need a moderator or someone that can help us)

italian forum is not dead the only problem is that who should moderate italian forum is not doing it this post (even if i like it) is very offensive, but noone removed it (u can translate it or i will translate it for u), and if i post something like that on this forum, the post will be removed in 1 hour max time we passed a brutal period in italian forum, where the moderator "floppyz" and "beppedessi" banned everyone, even who created some meme and now they don't even look at forum in 48h+ there are old players that would like to "moderate the forum", could we ask to upgrade someone of them to moderator? or idk how to do it, but right now we don't have any active moderator i created this post to cause a reaction in the moderators: but as u can see they are inactive gonna w8 for an answer ^^ ty from italian forum
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