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--- ##Minoran is a discord server based on free league of legends coaching. The goal is to help players up to Master. ##It's the easiest way to progress. Beginner or stuck in diamond ? We have coachs to help you up --- With Minoran you have the opportunity to : > - Ask any questions you want about League of Legends to our coaches (Build, Game Principles, Decision Making, Matchups, ...) > - Attend mentoring sessions with qualified mentors, like egg-school, but totally free > - Attend the educational animations made by Discord Animators, like for example 'Animated Courses' or 'Professional games Reviews' > - Look for players or a team with the same goal as you, progress! Join Minoran's discord server here : https://discord.gg/KRNmHNw **Wanna help Minoran ? ** _We are also looking for coaches and animator ! Take a look at the channels "#become-a-mentor" and "#become-an-animator"_

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