There are many uses for the enter key that League isn't utilizing

Accept queue with enter in a convenient way? Too bad we can't do that. Exit a game by pressing enter when the "Victory" or "Defeat" screen appears? Nu-uh. Close the pop-up you get when opening capsules, chests and orbs in a faster and easier way? How about the one you get after purchasing something in the store and you have to click "done"? No sir. How come Riot seem to be so hesitant to use the enter key (and other keys for short-commands for that matter) for convenience in the client? What downsides could there be? It seems like such an easy way to make the client feel smoother and faster to use, and it shouldn't be a big enough change for it to cause other problems with it either. I know this has been asked many times before, but I'd love to hear some input from a Rioter on the matter and couldn't find any by searching the boards/reddit.
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