I have few questions about league birth day!

I really liked that urf gift rito :) a better and improved urf as the reward for playing this game since beta is literally perfect and generous idea! 1- when i will be able to play urf ( i thought i would play it by 10/16 ) if you don't know when pls estimate a schedule :) 2- this urf is random? or not? i mean it's arurf ( you can't choose champion and what you get is based on RNG ) or it's urf? ( in urf you can chose whatever you like to play with ) 3- when will 10 year anniversary event start? ( i mean when will birth day event start IN GAME. like all other events such as worlds and halloween . events that has missions and bundle orbs and etc ) at the end. i really enjoyed last night birth day party! and what you've planned for us all! now i think about that all prestige skins and such that i used to think that you were greedy! but now i am happy to know that you used those monies to make 3 epic and huge games. one marvelous animation and sharing league with other console and mobile gamers! i wish you success in what you have in mind... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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