Trial Games - before ranked!!!

Hello, well this is my first time writing on this board . And i wanted to say hello this is just my 2 cents on what needs to be added to league of legends before someone can play the x (role or champ he picks ) Simple create : TRIAL GAMES If a guy has less then 20 games with a champion in normal played, he cannot ACCESS ranked with it, how hard is it to implement this ?? Even beter would be after the 20 games your game will see oh look he has 5 won and 15 lost with that champ, bad cs, bad kda .. ok denied in ranked, trials incomplete . Start over ... Repeat. I know this will never happen , but when u are going into the game trying your best and u have to deal with someone who never played his champ before or has played his champ 30 x yet has a whopping 17 % win rate on it with bad kda and still still goes that champion, yeah frustrating as hell i can tell you !
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