Anyone here think the youtuber "brofresco" is cringe?

I dont normally talk crap, but i got introduced to this "brofresco" dude that makes LoL videos, and first thing i notcied is that he seems "out of place" and so cringe Its almost for me personally that hes faking everything just for the views and money, i mean i cant really explain it, but you can subconciously tell that he tries so hard, but its just turns out to be face palming and awkward.. I dont know, ill link his channel: what do you guys think about it? UPDATE: Well i would like to thank everyone who viewed the thread and commented here, I honestly did not expect this much attention, The conclusion for the tldr: is that a good majority of people think that for the most part he is lame however only watch him for the PBE accpunt that he has, Other than that, hes quite annoying
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