Permanently banned (not toxic/not afk/no use of scripting-third party programs)

Hello guys, i just have a bit of a situation here that i'd like to share which is irritating. So it was a start of a new day on league of legends. Have been extremely toxic but in the last 5-7 months i've improved a whole lot and almost never flame anymore and even stopped getting verbal abuse reports. I was playing a ranked game where i met this guy who lives in my country about 45 minutes-1 hour away from my location, which quite surprised me. I added him since he was new to the game so that i maybe able to help him learn the basics. After a few days he started gifting me rp gifts and mystery skins (as a thanks) i surely liked it but i didn't ask for those gifts, i can assure you that i liked them but i care about gameplay much more so i found them a bit distracting and started sticking to my classic skins in rankeds. Woke up some weeks later to find out that i'm permanently banned. Strangely i didn't receive a letter explaining why, so i contacted the riot support. They told me that : "Your account received multiple gifts from an account with the Summoner Name ****, that has been suspended for chargebacks. These accounts have been directly linked, and as a result, your account is suspended pending repayment of the negative balance. At this time, the total amount owed by the account that sent these gifts is 562.50 EUR. Due to the nature of the refunded transactions, we're unable to lift this suspension prior to repayment". I tried to continue to explain to the support that the guy just kept gifting me without me knowing anything about him or that he was banned for charebacks and my ban followed his but the conversation went no where they just kept sending me the same messages over and over. Thanks for your attention, and tell me your thoughts :) Edit: For those asking how i know the guy from, it was from some random in-game chats when were duoing like asking him where he's from and similar subjects which i usually do to pass the time while minions spawn Update: it's been 19 days since i started contacting "riot's support" and have been explaining my situation and have been offering reasonable solutions like removing all the skins that he gifted me. They told me that i had to pay the whole price even for the other guy. So i simply offered that they remove all the rp he bought/skins from his account. They still refused. I mean that should solve the whole thing i really don't understand why they would refuse that. The more i kept offering solution the more they kept insisting on me paying the money which i don't even have.
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