"League is no fun anymore"

https://cdn0.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/AIHD96Evwut5_7nS-WY4sTTA_9M=/12x0:4907x3263/1280x854/cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/49388585/16071828377_85109fdee4_o.0.0.jpg Alright, I've been seeing so many "league is no fun anymore" posts here on boards and I just don't get it. Or, maybe I do just a little. The ones that complain that it isn't fun anymore are those tryharders who doesn't see what mistakes THEY make only what others do. This is atleast the impression I have. Either that or it's the trolls who's ran out of ideas. So to turn this to the better? **What makes league fun for you?** For me it's playing support. Helping my adc survive so many times, doing those awesome plays that secures the kill for them. But not only that Making sure teamfights goes out way by the kit you have served on a plate before you to use your imagination to make this fight **YOURS** Also to know that when I fail I can still get better, For every fail i do I know more about how the game works and you'll never stop learning new things as the game keeps changing, adding new stuff. Theres always something you can** learn** from it. How about you? What makes league fun?
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