My new username

I logged onto League of Legends today, and was asked to, rather forced to, choose a login name for the new Riot Account system. So now we have separate login names and game names. It's a really cool new feature. I think it was released 2010, when I started playing, we also had separate login and gamenames. Funny. So I tried some of my original gamer names to use for this sign in, since I have a few, after trying them all and multiple variations, I ended up choosing a name that was not taken, lucky me. I just thought I'd share my new username, since I couldn't have my own username for any of my platforms, nor the one I used the past 10 years on League of Legends. So if anyone wants to bruteforce me, my signin name is RIOTSUTMINFED%%%%INGPENI. In danish it means "Riot suck my fat %%%%ing coc", yes, there is a missing letter, goddamn max characters. Have a nice day everyone, just thought it was really fantastic to be able to have a name that I would never forget, so that I can always login to my new Riot Account with a username that is not shared between any of my other 200 %%%%ing platforms. What a great idea :D

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