My thoughts on Gangplank's death.

So this is the new direction of Riot's lore. I should have known, they would have found a way to ruin everything again. Now they start killing champions in their lore as well. And then you play them anyways. I love how coherent this is. And annoying. SO WE HAD TO REMOVE ALL THE OLD LORE AND REWORK EVERYTHING SO WE COULD GET PEOPLE'S FAVOURITE CHAMPIONS AND KILL THEM? Very nice. My congratulations Riot, when I think you could not be screwing up harder, you always come up with a new, unexpected way of destroying some other part of what people used to like about your game. Now, on top of the broken game balance, we will have a game where half of the characters you play are actually dead, because who cares about coherent lore-gameplay interaction, or people's emotional attachement to characters, right?? Seriously, fak off Riot. Get your heads out of your collective asses, or your game will eventually die off. There is only so many time people are willing to put up with your bullshit. But of course, this post is only a pointless rant of mine. They will never listen. They never do.
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