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I am so sick and fucking tired of people in this game...holy fuck i promise im permbanned before i hit level 30 (currently level 26) In FIFTEEN games in a row ive had people who refuse to play the role they are supposed to, people who leave the game, people who refuse to surrender. I just got of a game where 2 people left, enemy team had taken down all took 1 step outside fountain and boom instadead, yet my team still refuse to surrender. THEN I get reported for not helping....what the fuck is wrong with people in this game? Is everyone autistic? The game prior to that, everyone picked their role...last guy (draft pick) refused to play support...picked Jax, went bot and stole all creep and all kills from me who were ADC. Now i can live with people taking creep and KS, but to refuse to play a role and fuck up for the rest of the team??? WTF I have a short fuze when it comes to games, and especially when it have happend to me in every fucking single game i play. And guess the one who gets reported. Prime exampel on how the idiots in my team thinks: Me the ADC gets all creep stolen from my support, i tell the support "stop taking my cs" the support refuse to listen, i start to tilt, and tell the support again to "stop taking my cs wtf?" still refuse to listen and NO ONE in my team cares. I go to a jungle camp to get some farm, then whole team "reported" and whole team starts to whine that i take 1 jungle camp, yet no one cares when it happends to me, but soon as it happends to them holy shit the world is ending. So my request to Riot is: 1. If 1 person leaves the game make a timer if that person isnt back in 5 or 10minutes the game is safe to leave 2. If 1-2 persons leaves the game, make it so we auto lose, it is soooooo fucking annoying to play a 5v3 game that we cant win and have a team refuse to surrender. 3. Make an option to turn off chat...or better yet ban me from seeing the chat whatever works best for you. 4. People in this game report for no fucking reason at all...give them a penalty for giving a false report or something this is getting out of hand. I can take 15 loses in a row IF the games are good...but when you play 15 games and you have people who only destroyes it gets really fucking annyoing......
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