I'm not going to "support" you like this

EDIT: Um, to clear things up xD This isn't anything important. This wasn't a ranked game and I ended up not following through what I wrote down there vv This was just a way for me to let my frustrations out without getting a ban o-o This is for the ****** Jungler that banned my pick last game~ You ban my pick, try to force me to play a tank even though I don't want to, then try to blame me for you not doing well? The moment you banned my pick; I already gave up on you. I'm not leaving my lane to help your ass when you get counter-jungled. I'm not healing/tanking dragon for you. If we're doing Baron and the enemy team shows up, i'll hold on a little. But the moment my ADC/Mage dies, you're on your own. This is not "Trolling", but making good decisions. Your behavior points towards you not being a reliable player, since you're the type to go full-on with no care in the world about the enemy's cooldowns, burst, or line-up. I also see no benefit leaving my lane, my ADC needs to be cared for Early-Mid game, you don't. If you get countered jungled, ping me for help, then die; it's on you and you alone. {{champion:16}} ~ "Do you always fight so poorly?"
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