What are our champions doing for Christmas?

\*falls into a big seat next to the lit fireplace\* \*gets a big book of stories and resists getting a smoking pipe cus it would only resulte in coughing\* Morning/Midday/Evening everyone! Come and sit down \*hints at sofas and other seats, some biscuits at the desk in the middle\*, lets have ourself some cozy time. ;) Have you ever wondered what our Champions are doing around Xmas? We might be able to answer this together, just give us some suggestions or stories (written, video, soundtrack, pictures, whatever you can come up with) of what certain champions are doing today. Or for the very ambitious one, maybe something like telling what's happening at X city's Christmas party. :o This Book, despite its looks, is rather empty, so I'd need your help filling it up a bit! ----------------------- \*opens one of the first pages of the book\* A few stories however, I got in here. Lets start with our Maiven of Strings. Sona ofc was dashingd all around Demacia and even some places across the border. So many Christmas parties she should play on, but only so little time. >.> However, as she was on her way to her appointment, she noticed a... tomato? in the nearby bushes. As the musician still had some time, she decided to check it out and carefully stepped close to it. The tomato however, decided to disappear into the bush as soon as she reached out for it, followed by some rustling in it, andeventially an... antler poking out at top. :o Whatever was in this bush, Sona wanted to lure it out now. She prepared her Etwahl and started of with a song she's been practicing more than enough last days. But she wasn't able to play more than a few notes, before she heard a "Fa la la la la, la la la la" by a... rather mostrousus voice out of the bush. She was shoked... but as musician couldn't resist picking the song up where the voice left it of. After the next notes, the voice took over again, and after a bit both of the managed to syncronize enough to et a quite nice tune going. A bit later during the song the tomato poped out of the bush, folowed by a pelty head with Antlers, it looked like a reindeer... apart from being a lot smaller and the mouth being... more that of an carnivore. As it came to the creture's part again, Sona almost held in as she saw it's tounge which... look more like a extendable trumpet! But not caring much about the appearance, Sona just enjoyed making music like this with an stranger, it has been really long since she had the chance to do this. As those two continued [their song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A0ar6-dJgI) time flew by like nothing and it had to ratherapraptly end with Sonar ealizing thetime and having to rush off. And herwayshe looked back it the Reindeer Worm and waved a goodbye, the creaure raised on ofit's puny arms and... at least made a gesture that looked like waving,did it even know what waving was? :o ------------------------- \*moves on a few pages\* Ahh, this is one of my favourites! It was evening at the Post office, so many presents were to deliver that day. As the last worker to go, Bobwent a last time through the building to check if everything was alright to be left. Bob didn't have much to do at christmas anyway, he had no family and most of his friends were traveling somewhere for Xmas. His last stop were returned gifts, yush, everything alright here too, let's close. But as he turned the key in the lock, he heard a faint whine from inside. Curious he went back in to check it out and tried to locate the whine. After a bit he discovered it, a present staring at him with big white eyes made the sound. A lot of people would have getting scared most likely, but Bob just got more and more curious. He pulled the present up and realized it wasn't a present, but a.... yordle mummy? stuck in the box with it's head! There were just 2 holes for it's eyes. "Hey, why areyou crying?" Bob asked. All he got back was a stare at first, but then an outbreak of tears. Bob paniced and wouldn't know what else to do then just hug the... present... mummy... thing, his mother always hugged him when he was crying and it always helped him. After a while the mummy answered: "Noone wants to be my friend. I'm all alone for Christmas." Bob realised that he often felt the same at this night, so after looking at the Yordle... or was it just a human kid? and deciding it was not dangerous, he picked it up and took it with outside, locking the door properly and getting on his way home. "Where are we going?"... it definitely sounded like a kids voice, but then again, Bob doesn't know how a yordle sounds. "I'll take you home with me for Xhristmas, so we both won't be lonely." It was there when the eyes seemed to flash and smile, before the kid held onto Bob as a silent 'Thank you!' ----------------------------------- \*again flips a few pages over\* \*clears throat to prepared for voice acting\* {{champion:203}} *Wolf.* *Lamb.* {{champion:203}} *There is a target near.* *It is very close.* {{champion:203}} *It is young.* *Youth doesn't protect...* {{champion:203}} *...from us.* *Lets hunt it!* (Wolf and Lamb follow the trail untill they can see the kid walking along a path, it was hardly older than 10 and was carrying a box with it) (Wolf prepares her bow, ready to fire) *Why don't you shoot?* {{champion:203}} *I can't.* *You can.* {{champion:203}} *No, I can't.* *Then I will fetch it!* (Wolf leashes out, leaving a line of smoke behind it.) (The kid falls backwards onto the ground as Wolf hovers above it.) {{champion:203}} *Finish it Wolf.* *I can't.* *I want to but...* {{champion:203}} *Why can't we.* *Why can't we...* {{champion:203}} *What is it doing?* (the Kid reaches into it's box and offers a biscuit to Wolf) *It looks like food.* {{champion:203}} *Will you taste it?* *It tastes good.* {{champion:203}} *I want some too.* (Kindred swiftly hops closer too, the kid offers the box full of biscuits to both. All 3 of them sit down and have a munching.) {{champion:203}} *It tastes good.* *Will we let it live?* {{champion:203}} *We will.* *Put it is...* {{champion:203}} *... marked.* *But we will.* {{champion:203}} *We will.* (After all buscuits are eaten Kindred withdraws into the forest nearby to not be seen anymore, but keeps an eye on the kid untill it finally reaches home.) ---------------------------- \*decidingly closes the book\* Now it's your turn guys, give as all your xmas stories from Runetera no matter which media. Or maybe just some funny thoughts... like that most most likely won't want presents from Teemo. No matter how you present it, the only rule is it takes place in Runetera, and at best involves a champion. ;) (And ofc General Boards rules.) Merry Christmas everyone!
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