How did you main your champion?

Hey guys I main Lee Sin and this is my story of how I mained him ... I was playing in a ...umm.. (What do you call that?) .. Oh yeh in an ARCADE , (thanks Riven :D) Ok I was playing in an arena and I saw in a "machine" (you know where you have to control the machine's hand to grab stuff?) a Muay Thai Lee Sin figure about one Teemo big . I tried so hard to get it and I spent like 15 tokens . I didn't even main or played Lee Sin at the time . So I played him again and again hoping that by maining Lee Sin I get my figurine :D Now I'm level 5 with him with 40k mastery points and still no luck :D Lelz .. Turns out im GripeX 10.0 {{champion:64}} + {{summoner:4}} + {{summoner:11}} = An 99.9 % winrate Remember FLASH my always be in F
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