Delete autofill

After the ranked reset I have been wanting to get back to gold as fast as possible, but this has not been going so smooth. Only one reason its called autofill. Sorry but autofill is the worst feature league of legends has ever had. And i personally think it is ruining the game. Imagine im playing ranked. I have top and mid as main roles. Lets say i play 5 games and win 3 out 5 . My elo would increase, but no my 6 game i get autofilled. Wich means i get a role i dont play mostly support and a role i cant possibly carry with. Almost a free lose. Not only that but im actelly getting autofiled every 3 games now and it is so annoying i cant express how much i hate it. Pls remove this feature from the game. In my opinion i would rather wait a minute longer then play support for another...
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