NEED HELP. New champion selection created a huge problem. I cant play this...

Here is the thing : I main specific champions, not lanes. I cannot choose a primary position in the new champion selection because i dont have any preferred one. But i cannot choose double fill either. Here is what i main : I main fizz mid and diana jungle. these are my 2 mains. i cannot say i main mid and jungle, just because i main fizz in mid and diana in jungle. except these 2 champions, the only adc i can play is vayne, and the only top i can pick is riven even though i never 1st pick her at top. then i have a many supports i do play as a fill option. So, if i check as preferred role mid and fizz gets banned ? what im supposed to do then ? play ahri for the 1st time in my life and go 0/10 ? same goes for diana jungle. With the OLD CHAMPION SELECTION i never had a problem like this, because i would choose to go at w/e role i wanted. if at the start i wanted to play fizz mid, but then i see they pick kayle mid who counters fizz hard time, then i would just leave mid and go vayne adc. if i wanted to go diana jungle and see my whole team is ap and we actually need some ad jungler, i would leave it and go support. if i was in the mood for some riven top and when i joined champion selection i saw that i was 1st pick, i would fucking leave it and go another role. Now i cant do this. i choose top ? i have to play top or i get banned according to lyte. this isnt fair. riot do something plz. and to all of you saying learn more champions. lol god damn i bet you are not even platinum 5, if you have played any ranked games that is. its not that simple to just play more champions. most players have some main champions. less than 10 in most cases. if you play only them you can get diamond like me. if you never play those 10 champions but you play all others you can stay in gold for eternity. **Most** challenger players play a total of 5 champions and they main 1 or 2. but the thing is, that those 5 champions are in one lane. not in all 5 roles like me. so they would choose for example mid and fill, and they would be satisfied. i cant do that because my 5 champions are split in top mid jungle and adc.
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