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Good afternoon you! You might remember my name from that 1v1/2v2 map. I got the final version done, but not feeling like uploading it now. But that has nothing to do with this so let's move on! On the past days I have been working on a project I would like to make bigger. I wanted to know which runes are the best to take when playing Kayle if I want to exactly reach the 2.5 attack speed limit. However, there is not way (that i know of atleast) that makes it easy to calculate just that. So, instead of just calculating it I got an idea for a project: the Build Patch Calculator. This program will give you the ability to see exactly what your in game stats would be after purchasing certain items. As for now, you can pick any FULL BUILD item (so not the little ones) and the stats will be added to each other automatically. The first tab looks like this: On the left you can select your items by simply clicking on them. They will be marked red so you see that it counted. A little more to the right you can see how many items you selected so far (in case you didn't know; you can only have six). Once you are done, head over to the second tab to view the statistics. Now you can see all the bonus stats that your champion will gain with the selected build. Now, this is just the first version of the prototype version. It might have some flaws but the idea is working. This however, is not where I want to leave it at. I will continue working on this prototype, and eventually coming to the first (definitive) version. This version should contain: * An option to select champion stats, so that you can determine your eventual stats * Add the potions, so you can determine your absolute maximum eventual stats * An option to select your runes, see the above * A list of all the (unique) passives and (unique) actives you get in total Maaaybe later versions will have * A graph that shows the development of your stats during the game, based on the gold gain per minute But that will require me to do yet a little more work. The point of this topic is to ask if you would find this tool useful, or what needs to be added to it for you to find it so. I really hope I get some feedback on this project, just to know if it has a future :) **Howto use:** > When you open the file, make sure you have "contend enabled" > You can now press the items you want to add. If you press one, a red box will surround that item. > You can press items multiple times, and they will all count. > Once your build is done (no need to have exactly 6 items) you can view the totals in the second tab. > To make a new build, click the "clear button" right from the items, and you are good to go again! Anyway thanks for reading! (Downloads below, one via ad - thank you :), and one direct) [Download 1]( [Download 2](

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