"Tft is not luck based" my ass

So the game is going great I´m building a nice team comp, little bit of everything, lucian is at level 2 with SoS, IE, and rapidfire, he´s killing everything, ok my bench is getting little tight I´m having 3 champs that are close to hitting level 3 And than Boom the game just decided I ain´t getting a single champ that I´m using, 6 champs are sitting on bench, waiting to be upgraded, and reroll after reroll they aren´t showing up. So than I give up and sell one of those that I can´t upgrade boom, now you are getting it now, so you buy it again, nope you ain´t getting that champ now. Oh and those level 2 that are sitting on your bench, nah man %%%% you, you ain´t upgrading them. I mean really riot? What am I supposed to sell 2X Level 2 and 2XLevel 1 because your stinking game mode wouldn´t give me one more after 60+ re-rolls? I get it that I can´t get one champ but 6? Are you f****** kidding me? 60+ re-rolls and not a single lucian and braum and only few tristanas jinx lulu and gnar? And by few I ment you couldnt even make a level 2. Just input a frikin champ selection for 20-30 gold after stage 4-5,5-5, this is %%%%%%ed, losing game and lp because game decided "nope you %%%%%%getting those champs" is not fun in any way.
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