Mobile legends

Just a few days ago I found out about this mobile legends game which is an exact(!) clone to league of legends. So I was wondering... Is riot aware of this and if so, what is the general sentiment? I never in a million years would have expected a 5v5 moba to work on a touchscreen but I stand corrected. The mechanics work and even though you can't have the same flexibility as with a keyboard and a mouse, it still is a fun experience. I know this is mostly wishful thinking but how possible is it for Riot to created a spin-off mobile game, with a separate community but same (or at least similar) heroes and abilities to the desktop version? The reason I ask is that I commute 1 hour per day and I can easily game on the bus (something I now look forward to instead of dreading). As I said the game is an excact clone and has some 50-100 Million installations which in my opinion is a loss from the part of Riot. If anyone has info on this please let me know.
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