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Hello guys, it is I, someone you don't know so who cares right? Nah jk, I have been playing LoL for the past 3 years or so, and thats it, LoL only, I have seen many companies such as Blizzard or Gameloft make alot of games, which, in fact, keep players "busy".This companies make more games so that players would stick to their company which makes them earn more *ka-ching* (which means money) and make room for error. Like when LoL if on maintenance, you can play that 2nd game and not just watch YouTube or..... ya know...... nvm..... And also raise their popularity, and, once again, give them more *ka-ching*. And those games should be in ONE CLIENT and can be accessed using ONE ACCOUNT to avoid any confusions and stuff and blalalala. Like Gameloft's **Gameloft Live** which allows players to access all their games using only one account. And the benefits of creating a new game are NUMEROUS, and I will certainly name a few ;). 1. More money 2. Popularity (by this, what I mean is that : Many players do not know LoL but if they see this "new game", they will also be pulled to LoL somehow (yay more trollers and afk'ers :P) 3. More chances of normal players, like you and I, of becoming pro and earning fame and ... ZE HAWT GRILLS.. an ofcourse, experience of a lifetime. So this is HelioVANCE and peace out. DOOITZ!!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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