I'm bored and iil just share this

He said he was giving free gifts in the Looking for group chat [4:29] MisterA1: are you giving free gifts? lol [4:30] A guy: you can't say free but yes [4:30] MisterA1: so whats the condition i give my username pass [4:31] A guy: no why i'lll need this -_- [4:31] MisterA1: idk you tell me [4:32] A guy: loock my freind work at riot and this is my offre you gift me 1 skin i gift you 2 you gift me 2 skins i gift you 4 etc you understand [4:33] MisterA1: so basically im the one gifting first you delete me and gg [4:34] A guy: no as i said i have a freind work at riot if you just send a message that i scamed you i get perma ban and you get your RP back so i know what i'm doing Can't believe people would fall for this shit

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