Has anyone been actually punished for leaving a game?

So** in most cases** I report someone in my games who behaves **really** toxic and rude, like spamming insults over and over etc, I also get a feedback notification that the person has been punished. If its about racism or sexism, its almost 100% guaranteed the person will get punished, so kudos and pat-on-the-back to Riot for actually making that work quite well. But when it comes to rage quitters and DCers, I dont think Ive EVER gotten a feedback notification after I report. Not ONCE in all my 1000 wins and 800 loses have I seen someone actually getting a punishment for leaving a game, and we all know how often this happens; at least 1/4 games, including both your and your enemy team, and I always report quitters, even if it eventually lead to my teams victory. Has anyone here actually got a punishment for rage quitting? Because If not, this means that RIOT indirectly is saying that rage quitting is NOT recommended but also NOT illegal. Imao rage quitting makes this game 10x worse than toxicity, since you always can instamute ragers.
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