Stop buying this recolored skins it's all chroma. Prestige is just simple name to fool you

I can't believe there's actually people out there spending 100$+ dollars for a chroma yellow recolored skin or as Riot love to call them prestige they're NOT, there's nothing new in them no new voice no new recall no new animations etc.. just a simple white and yellow color. They just simply take the skin put few minutes in it take the original colors throw some white and yellow and BOOM there sell it under "Prestige" title. Hell some of them don't even look that good in white and yellow. If these fools stop buying this overpriced chroma. Riot would stop spamming these chromas in every patch and they would calm down the prices like orbs used to cost 50 now 100 tokens hell it even went to 300 tokens during worlds. Seriously people make your mind, there's actually way better looking 290RP chroma out there they even change your skin look better than than these ones as they call them prestige. And I'm not the only against this prestige thing. I've seen a lots and lots of comments on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LoL news page, etc.. people who are against this fooling.

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