Please add voice chat for everyone.

Hey everyone I want to talk about the possibility of Riot maybe adding voice chat for all team mates not just premade parties I think overall this would be a huge step in the right direction for league as a whole. Of course it would have it's disadvantages but in my opinion the positives out weigh the negatives. Being able to communicate with your team mates and shotcall together is essential in a competitive game like league and it's super frustrating having to type and tell my team mates what to do next or how we can win the game. I think this is super important it also help's people improve at the game in a sense. If you have played any other competitive games for example CS:GO or maybe DOTA these game's have voice chat and it help's a lot. Obviously, there would be conflict from time to time as there is in any game but i feel the conflict would be lessened by voice chat. Right now if there is arguing or conflict in games people never stop typing it kills the flow of the game and ruin's the mood, whereas in voice it can be fizzled out a lot easier many people also are not comfortable flaming in voice comm's leading to less toxicity. Of course there will be problems with toxicity within certain players but is that not why we have mute button's and report button's i'd rather have the chance to communicate with my team on voice and have to mute someone for being toxic than not have a chance to communicate over voice. I feel as I know many of the community do that voice chat would be an amazing addition to the game and help the game in a number of ways and push the game forward. I know there are a few people in the community who don't want this to be added for a variety of reason's but obviously this won't be forced you don't have to speak there could be an option so you can choose to opt out of voice if you so choose but the rest of the community should be given the chance the use it if we like. Riot has previously talked about adding it and i assume have had many conversations about it but I think us as the community as the players of the game, the people who pay for skins etc should have a say on this. i think riot should heavily reconsider adding this into the game i think it would bring back a lot of player's to the game and even draw in new player's it would be huge for the game.
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