When you need a job --> Artblock --> still no job --> depression

Varjokani on DeviantArt
Yes, I'm still here and alive. While Gosupermodel has been claimed dead in front of my eyes due it costs money to use it I nowdays hang out in FB. Feel free to come to say hi to me. www.facebook.com/VarjokaniOffi... Also I keep writing my blog; varjokani.blogspot.fi/ Hang out in Twitter twitter.com/varjokani etc.
Ya. I m atm media-assistant in Finland who needs a job. But for some reason there seems to be no one needing graphical designer for their web pages nor any stuff I m good at. And then I find myself drawn into apathy inaction that makes me incapable to draw or sing or do anything what I used to do when I m happy. :( It feels lie I have the worst art-block in years. Any tips how to get rid of it Ya I just needed to get this away from my chest and I'm sure you can kick me so I start doing something smart. :) I already feel better as I write this stuff.

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