Unfortunate season, go next

Can't play it anymore without losing my mind. I had it enough with Season 8 Diamond 5 or Season 8 Platinum, who are now magically with 700+ games low Master or GM. It's unplayable when you play against a decent jungler and when you have a S9 player. How people don't get that? It's one sided ALWAYS. I won't even try anymore to play this shit until it resets fully. People often complain about lower divisions, but you have no idea how frustrating is to play with these guys while also playing on EUNE. It's a shit-show, completely joke. Seasons ago, EUNE wasn't so bad, it was 'fine' i guess. But now it's so laughable that i can't even have a normal soloQ game. Every game someone is 0/20 on their lane and their last season was D5. When i had Platinum last season but D1 this season player in my game i asked RiotSupport about it and all i got in return was "Well maybe he did well in placements" How the %%%% does that make sense. Just play placements and you are automatically this season higher than half the player base? WTF.
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