my and YOUR mains

so i have to read pretty often from new players is this champ good to mainß and i say its bullshit never ask that to anyone if you like a char then main him dont let other people influence your opinion wanna main illaoi ? but you arent bec people call her bullshit ? its you only you main kata illaoi cassio whatever it depents on you. sure you can take advices into a direction but at the end you arent happy. and now to the 2nd part whos your **MAiN** and whos your lane mains overall:{{champion:69}} since her release Top:{{champion:41}} ,{{champion:420}} Mid:{{champion:69}} ,{{champion:90}}, {{champion:4}} ,{{champion:55}} Jungle: {{champion:35}} ,{{champion:11}} Adc: {{champion:104}} , {{champion:21}} supp: {{champion:44}} ({{champion:9}} old but gold back from my season 1 times :D )

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