they cheat i rage i got banned

So i was playing urgot as we started the mid crahs out the problem wasnt here we started to play he came back he told he dont know what happend its just crashed. Ok we playing playing and slowlly we getting ahead. I started to lagging sometimes not fps then the game drop me out. I checking my mobile i have connection. It drop me out that i need to reconnect. I fastly went to check my fb to check if i have net and i had. I getting back starting to play its ok for a little bit start laggin than drop me out again. And if i remember correctly the midlaner had this also. So i started to rage because because one of them used the fcking dc cheat.....i mean wtf it was a normal game and started to cheat ? So i started to really rage i will copy the text because this wasnt the first time they used cheat on me....last time i got a drophack i wrote on the hungarians forum and told me the lol isnt hackable the servers improved a lot since the last time....pls its jsut a server and not CIA or something like that it can be hacked easili....It was so obvious on of them cheated because as the midlaner as i had internet there werent but it just drop out than reconnect drop out reconnect...meanwhile i got easly use fb on the computer and on my mobile also....and as i said once i already got drophack so this really made me mad and started to flame those who done that. After the game i reported one of them and wrote on of them cheated for sure. This game was a while ago and i just got this i got this 2 week bann....because i raged on a cheater ?Sorry if i lose my mind because some1 is a normal game...drophacking me and the midlaner.....And then i got banned because i flamed him ? Srsly ? i got banned if i flame a cheater ?Game 1 UnKnowGuy: guys UnKnowGuy: how my shoutgun works exactly ? UnKnowGuy: when have i those big blasts ? UnKnowGuy: 10 secs per leg UnKnowGuy: wtf UnKnowGuy: thi measure UnKnowGuy: taliah ? UnKnowGuy: how can u guys be so lucky UnKnowGuy: i cant belive UnKnowGuy: cmon taliah UnKnowGuy: go farm UnKnowGuy: sorry i dont speak %%%%%% UnKnowGuy: XD UnKnowGuy: XD UnKnowGuy: i cant jump over obstalces UnKnowGuy: wtf UnKnowGuy: ss top UnKnowGuy: why thresh UnKnowGuy: why ? UnKnowGuy: wp guys UnKnowGuy: taliah UnKnowGuy: WTF UnKnowGuy: we could kill them easly UnKnowGuy: wtf UnKnowGuy: press r UnKnowGuy: wtf is wrong with u UnKnowGuy: gj UnKnowGuy: save the UnKnowGuy: let me get tanky UnKnowGuy: wtf guys UnKnowGuy: idk which one of you useing dc cheat UnKnowGuy: but hope his mother die in cancer UnKnowGuy: for ? UnKnowGuy: tell me UnKnowGuy: for what ? UnKnowGuy: jsut help me win this fcking game UnKnowGuy: all together UnKnowGuy: gj UnKnowGuy: wait till inhibs up UnKnowGuy: WHICH ONE OF YOU MOTHERFCUKERS USING DC CHEAT ? UnKnowGuy: fcking %%%s UnKnowGuy: so despretaed to climb to cheat ? UnKnowGuy: fking animal UnKnowGuy: FCKING CHEATERS UnKnowGuy: REPORT THE CHATER UnKnowGuy: fkcing cheater
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