It's time to called me "addicted"?

It's passed an year almost when i started play this game, and now i must ask about this. When i start playing i never played more than 4 game per day, and sometimes per weeks. Now i spend about about 8 hours on this game, almost everyday. I do a lot of "usefull" things by the way; currently i'm studying for university and nothing is going wrong on it (i cant be wrong on this), writing a book (by my own, of course) and read my favourite authors' books (and i read A LOT, i can assure you). But i cant stop playing this. At all. Even if i know that i'm not pro player, a streamer, and nontheless i dont work for this thing, i cant stop playing day after day. When i start at the morning my first game, and then i stop for any reason and check my match history to find out that i've played my 3rd game (and i will go on after), i always ask myself "wtf i'm doing, is this usefull, is this something good for me, am i just wasting time"; on the other side (i will write it again) i cant stop playing. I love this. Apart all stupid thing that there are on this game, i really kie this, but I dont know if this it's a more a game for me, or it's become a real drug.
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