I play amazing some days, but most of the time, i hardtray, and can't even think

1st of all, sorry for bad english. I have a brothef that talks a lot while we play lol, and that makes me very mad/frustraded. He starts "singing", whristeling ( idk how to type that ), making noises every time he fights, i tell him to shut up, he keeps on going.. Enough about that. The point is, that sometimes, I play way better, when he is not around, like i got some bonus map awarness, game sence, and i know when to go in without even trying. It made the biggest difference, when i played with my brother like 10 games in 2 days, but i played 2 games without him later in the evening, and it felt, like i got all my old skills back. After 2nd game, he came, and i played 2 more games with him. When i played with him, that amazing feeling has gone, i was frustrated from moment he got in the room, and was doing my best, but not being sucesfull at all.. What should i do, since playing without my brother is not an option. Don't ask me why. Edit: ty for all the replays.
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